Disbuse started out in Winterswijk, the Netherlands. We were Hollands first Crossover metal band.

We mixed hardcore punk and metal into a raw music blend in which we could let out all of our frustrations and aggression.


Vocals: Arch

Guitar Brian, Edwin

Drums: Jeroen

Bass: Patrick


In 1989 we released our first EP "Sorrow and Perdition" in house. It contained six recordings. The first 2000 pieces sold out within a few months. The EP was announced "album of the week" in one of Hollands most popular radioshows : Vara's Vuurwerk". After many, many gigs, we decided to take a break.

After a few changes in bandmembers we decided to start again in 1995. During this period we recorded our demo cassette "Existence". In february 1997 our debut CD was pressed as a 1000 pieces edition. A song was released on the compilation album "Hollandse Herrie 1".

Record Deal

In 1998 Disabuse signed a record deal with Belgian I Scream Records to release our album "Personal Path". The album was recorded in the Dutch Beaufort Studio by producer Han Swagerman, the album received great reviews in a.o. Aardschok, Core en Oor (3 main Dutch music magazines). In 1999 our song "Dagaz" was released on the I Scream compilation album "5 Years of Blood, Sweat and Tears". We played gigs with Sick of It AllPeter Pan Speedrock and many others. 2 of our video clips gained a lot of airtime on TMF's "Wet & Wild".

In February 2002 we recorded our album "Down in Disgrace" in the Excess-studio in Rotterdam. We ended the recordings with a show with Biohazard and Backfire. In May 2002 "Down in Disgrace" was released in house . One of it`s songs was released on the compilation album "Upmagazine". In 2004 we decided to quit, our last show was at Elbekurkie in Meddo, near our hometown.


In 2009 we felt like doing a reunion, which took place on January 17th in "Eucalypta" in Winterswijk, August 29th we played at Elsock in Rijssen.

At this point we took on the plan to play together just every now and then. In consideration of our private lives, wives, children, careers....  We had no definte plans. The recordings that were made during the reunion concert in Winterswijk, were released on our CD "Echoes of a Lifetime". In 2010 we performed at the "Geldersch Metal Treffen" (with a.o. God Dethroned, Severe Torture and Heidevolk) and at "Headbanging Enschede" (with MasterIzegrim and Asphyx). In 2011 we played at the legendary "Zwarte Cross" festival in Lichtenvoorde with Anthrax, Annihilator, Death Angel and Sepultura.


We`re back!

The original Disabuse members from 1987 decided to start playing again, just for the kick we hired a rehearsal studio and started making noise again. This resulted in having so much fun, that we decided to record some of our first songs. 

This lead to the release of our CD "Remains"  in 2015, Together with our earliest fans we celebrated the release with a performance at the "Achterhoeks Metalfest" in Eibergen. 

In december 2015 we played at "Eindhoven Metal Meeting" with a.o. Distillator and Nuclear Assault.

Arch and Wouter are no longer members of Disabuse, they have our everlasting respect. Together we have had many ups and downs, but most of all, we had such a good time and so much laughs, we were lucky to have them as band members and still as friends.